Apple iPhone 8 64GB with Smart Plan 150 from du

  • Get the phone today with zero upfront
  • Comes with 6GB data and 300 minutes per month
  • 24 month contract at AED270.00 per month
  • Zero upfront
  • 6GB
  • 300 flex minutes
  • 0 SMS
  • 24 months contract
  • AED270.00 per month

You’ll pay AED6,605.00 in total

This is total minimum cost over the period of your 24 month contract.

What you'll pay today

Upfront device cost
One time fee
(One time activation fee)

What you'll pay for your contract

Monthly cost for Smart Plan 150
Monthly cost for 24 month contract
Contract length (months)
x 24
AED 6,480.00

Any calls, SMS and data usage beyond those included in the package (above) will incur additional costs.